April 9, 2019

Jake Clements – Co-Founder – Texas Whiskey Festival

Whiskey sommelier Jake Clements sits down with us to explain all things whiskey. From a bourbon, to single malts, to corn whiskies, Jake Clements is a trained expert who can make your whiskey more enjoyable.

Clements paired his love of whiskey with his event planning experience, and launched the Texas Whiskey Festival. He had the idea because of the abundance of whiskey distilleries in Texas. The Texas Whiskey Festival is a one-of-a-kind event for whiskey makers and whiskey lovers in the Lone Star State.

This year’s festival will be hosted on the set of AMC’s The Son; a re-creation of a Texas Hill Country community typical of the early 1900s! You’ll feel as though you traveled back in time to drink whiskey in an old west town. Make your Good Friday great by attending the Texas Whiskey Festival on April 19th. Learn more at txwhiskeyfest.com.

More than halfway through the legislative session, Clements has an idea of what bills he’s rooting for in terms of distilleries and event planning.

What event does Clements have up his sleeve next?

Cory Morrow’s Go Wheels Up Texas will take place May 3rd-5th. It’s a celebration of music, automobiles, airplanes and Texas cuisine! Learn more at gowheelsup.live.

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